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You get two, three, or unlimited weekly access to any of the classes below. So find a class you like or mix and match; it’s your choice.💪🏾🙂



Why Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a fun and challenging way to get fit and lose weight. It’s a mix of Core, Cardio, strength and Bodyweight exercises.


Mondays at 6:00 PM

Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Thursday at 9:00 AM

Friday at 5:00 AM

Friday at 5:00 PM
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Looking to Burn fat, Drop Inches and Build Muscle?

How can you go wrong with two of the best-known methods for losing weight and building muscle known to man? Cardio and Weights!!
Mondays at 5:00 AM

Monday at 5:00 PM

Tuesday at 9:00 AM

Tuesday at 6:00 PM

Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Thursday at 6:00 PM

Saturday at 9:00 AM

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Hey, I like high-Intensity Training!

Heard, Drip/Blitz is a HIIT/Cardio mix class that will leave you, well dripping with sweat (-:

Blitz HIIT

Mondays at 7:00 PM

Tuesday at 5:00 PM

Wednesday 5:00 AM

Thursday at 6:00 PM

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Cardio Dance


Our Pumped class is a game changer.
Pumped is our most challenging class. It’s a mixture of functional, power and athletic training. Don’t let the description scare you, yes it will be difficult but as we all know most good things are on the other side of difficult.
So if you are looking for a new challenge in your fitness routine check out pumped!
Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Thursday at 5:00 PM 

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Other Programs


Fastest way to reach your goals? Personal Training!

Are you stuck in a training rut? Not sure where to start? Uncomfortable using the gym? Let our highly skilled Personal trainers guide you to your best shape ever!

Personal training comes with a Free Gym Equipment membership (Just our way of ensuring you reach your goals).

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Tired of the aches and pains, learn about Silver Strong:

Are you tired of all the nagging little aches and pains? Want to move and feel better? Well, did you know that a strength training program, cardio, and flexibility can help?!! Silver Strong Fitness is designed for those who are 60+.

Silver Strong Fitness

Wednesday, Friday at 10:15 AM
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Equipment Member / Open Gym

Weekdays at 8:00 AM

Saturday at 8:00 AM

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