Keith Rucker

With over 25 years of experience in fitness and performance training. I have a passion for health and fitness as well as a desire to help you achieve your goals.

Born and raised in the Bay Area; growing up  I was an active kid and competed in track, basketball, wrestling, and boxing. This exposed me to many different training styles and methods. I didn't know it at the time but that exposure would help shape my training approach and style. The benefit of this to you is that once I know what your needs are I can combine the right training methods to help you meet them. I'm here to listen, teach, motivate and guide you to were you want to be!

Some of my past training experiences are;

I  ran Bootcamps at Stanford University and San Jose City College. I created the programs and led exercise circuits using bodyweight, bands, and dumbbells. 

I  was the Fitness Coordinator/Gym Manager at Cisco Systems. I created and implemented exercise protocols, sports leagues and fitness challenges for Cisco employees.

My areas of Specialty

* Movement and Core Development.

*Sport Specific Performance

*Weight Loss/Muscle Gain

*Balance and Stability Improvement.

*Injury Prevention 


*ACE Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal 
*NASM Personal Trainer, Performance Trainer
*Athletes Performance: Level 1 Trainer 



Where are you in your Fitness or Athletic Journey? 

What are your goals, are they performance-based or do you just want to move and feel better? 


Jayson Obazuaye

With over 15 years of experience, Jayson Obazuaye is a skilled professional basketball and fitness trainer. Hailing from the Santa Clara/San Jose Bay Area, Obazuaye began his basketball talent at Andrew Hill High School. 

Jayson has always been a leader and overachiever. He began his freshman year of high school as a starting guard on the varsity basketball team and graduated from Andrew Hill with many athletic honors and championships.

Jayson was recruited by a plethora of Division I colleges including the University of Colorado where he received a full athletic scholarship. Obazuaye attended and played for the University of Colorado for 4 years and graduated in 2006.

Upon graduating from college Jayson was offered several positions to play basketball internationally. He played for a myriad of countries including China, Egypt, England, Iraq,  Libya, Nigeria, Poland & Qatar.

Jayson attributes his success to the many role models and leaders who pushed and encouraged him to consistently strengthen his skills, train, and practice, practice, practice, to be the best he could be. 

Jayson’s primary mission and goal with Grind Season Athletics is to help others to become more skilled and confident in their athletic ability and ultimately reach their fitness and athletic goals. 

Overall Jayson wants to be recognized as a positive role model and leader. He has been a beacon of light to several youths all over the world by playing in many third world countries and has learned the true meaning of hope. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than knowing he has given someone hope or has made a difference in someone’s life.