Q: What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

AMY: Not being able to fit comfortably in my clothes and not liking what I see in the mirror

is what motivated me in jump starting my fitness journey.

Q: How has The Gym Tracy been helpful to you during your personal

fitness journey?

AMY: Keith is a knowledgeable, wonderful and motivating trainer. His positive energy,

along with the supportive cardio boxing peers and the fun effective workouts are

what keeps me going. I’m so glad that I’ve found this little gem to come to, and the

best part is I get to release all my frustrations here!

Q: How do you motivate yourself to come to the gym when you are

mentally and physically exhausted?

AMY: I think about how far I’ve come and I don’t lose sight of that. I’m committed, so I’ve

made it a habit and it has become a part of my life/daily routine. I actually look

forward in going to the gym now. 

Q: What is your favorite activity at The Gym Tracy and why?

AMY: My personal favorite is the A Fit U class. I also enjoy the cardio boxing class but the

workouts from the A Fit U targets every single part of my body, and the

transformation that it has done to my body is incredible.