Are you looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle?
To improve your performance in sports?
Just want to move and feel better?
Well you've come to the right place
We are the Premier Personal Trainers in the Central Valley with over 25 years of experience in personal and performance training. Our style is unique as we blend traditional practice with a movement and functional base approach.
Resulting in Weight loss, Muscle gains, Ease of movement, and Improved performance.
We look forward to hearing about your needs and setting up a training program for you. 


✔Weight Loss✔More Strength✔Improve Mobility ✔A Stronger You!

build a stronger you today !


Your needs are our concern.

We will make sure you have the right program to lose those extra pounds.  We have a system in place to help you improve your performance. 

Want to Feel and Move Better, Weight Loss, More Strength, and Improve Mobility

A Stronger You! 

premier personal trainers

Private 1 on 1 and SMALL GROUP personal TRAINING

The Gym Tracy private 1 on 1 and Small Group Personal Training programs both have their benefits and goals. See below a description of both to see what will work best for you!



Whether you want to train alone, with your partner, or a group, we have all options available for you! With our skilled trainers, we help you find and accomplish your fitness goals.   

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Goals,  fitness, and exercise fit your lifestyle. This Gym Provides many Classes.

The Gym Tracy Member Spotlight


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We are getting that work in, here at The Gym, Tracy.  View all the Goals as you see the exercises performed.

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